Ultraviolet (100nm to 400nm) - What are the causes?

Sun Barrier UV400
Sun Barrier Window Film proud to introduce UV400 series to give extra protection, especially for skin and eye optics which is concern by everyone, our window film is suitable to install for Building and Automotive.

Sun Barrier
What is UV400 ?
Sunlight shines to us and let us feel warm in the morning and it is one of our source of living. But do you know, we also need to protect ourselves when we exposed to the sunlight?

Ultraviolet (UV) – Invisible Skin ‘killer’ that contribute the most damage to our skin which has scientifically proven by Skin Cancer Foundation and World Health Organization.
UV comes from the visible light spectrum with the measurement of wavelength 100nm to 380nm, categorized into 3 classification:

UVA (320 – 380nm) – Can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and is responsible for the immediate tanning effect. Furthermore, it also contributes to skin ageing and wrinkling.

UVB (280 – 320nm) – it enhances skin aging and significantly promotes the development of skin cancer. Most solar UVB is filtered by the atmosphere.

UVC (100 – 280nm) – Filtered by the ozone layer.

Sun Barrier
UV T-max
The most dangerous UV T-MAX.
Most harmful that irradiates with the most UV radiation that penetrate into earth surface, it significantly damage to human eyes optic and skin.
Great damage to hypodermic cell, making skin suntanned, sunburned and freckled. Causing shaping of human body melanin and turning into malignant melanin cell cancer. Long time exposure to UV radiation will seriously hurt the eyes, causing myopia and cataract.


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